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Android Apps / Games:

1) Accurate Speedometer
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2) Sim - Phone Details
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3) Fingerprint Biometeric
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4) Color Puzzle Game
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1) Accurate Speedometer:

Most accurate 100% high precise intuitive digital HUD ( head up display ) distance meter ( Odometer ) & speedometer app for your Car, Bike, Bus, Van, Jeep, Bicycle, unicycle, truck, Air Plane, drone, chair lift, Motorboat, e scooter, Skiing and walking or running. Measure in five different velocity scales km/h ( Kilometer per hour ), mph ( Mile per hour ), mps ( Meter per second ), Knots ( nautical mile per hour ), ft/s ( Feet per second ). No matter you are driving reverse or forward just get most accurate speed and distance traveled in your desired scale based on your device GPS sensor.

1) GPS Speedometer, Odometer ( Distance Meter ) :

a ) Offline Speed measure and distance measure app for your smart phone and tablet to measure your journey trip in five different velocity scales with high precise accuracy real time instant fast exact speed view.
b ) Intuitive UI with Portrait and Landscape Screen Orientation and best GUI for 4 different Skin-pack Day/night (dark mode and light mode) themes.
c ) Light and fast app for better battery power saving optimized.
d ) Get record the highest speed of your journey trip.
e ) No matter you are in a public transport, Metro bus or train, just get the exact speed.

2 ) Alarm :

a ) Set warning alarm limit for specified max speed. When speed goes beyond limit it will start alarm.
b ) Safety tool if your vehicle speedo has died prevents you from speeding tickets and over-speeding.
c ) Easily switch to any scale from km/h to mph, knots, fts, mps.

3 ) Top Speed :

a ) Record each top speed for each current scale.
b ) Record and override top speed when break previous one.
c ) Easily tap and Reset to 0 before starting new race.

4 ) HUD View :

a ) HUD view mirror the display of car windscreen reflection.
b ) Helps to stay eyes always on road.
c ) Day time add a dark shade plastic or glass to windshield for better display.

Real time instant fast exact accurate digital HUD GPS speedometer app for your smart phone and tablet. This speedometer app is free and uses device GPS sensor with satellite to monitor automobiles or any other moving objects speed. Best free top speed app for your vehicle in digital meter and looks same as sync to your car speedometer. Now your car has speed in speedometer km/h ( Kilometer per hour ) and speedometer mph ( Miles per hour ).

2) Sim - Phone Details:

This app reads your current Sim Card info, Phone info, Cellular Network, android OS and Battery info.

1) Sim Card Info :

a) Sim Serial Number
b) Sim State
1. Absent
2. Network Locked
3. Pin Required
4. PUK Required
5. Ready
6. Unknown
7. Not Ready
8. Error, permanently disabled
9. Error, present but faulty
10. present but not usable due to carrier restrictions
c) Sim Country ISO
d) Sim Operator
e) Sim IMSI
f) Sim Roaming

2) Network Info :

a) Operator Name
b) Network Type
4G ( LTE )
c) Data Connection
Wifi, Mobile
d) Country ISO
e) Operator ISO
f) Cell ID (CID)
g) Location Area Code (LAC)

3) Device Info :

a) IMEI Number
b) Device Type
c) Screen Size
d) RAM
e) Screen Resolutions
f) Screen Density
g) Model
h) Board
i) Manufacturer
j) Hardware
k) CPU cores, CPU-Z
l) Device ID info
m) Serial
n) Boot Loader

4) System OS Info :

a) OS Installed
b) SDK Version
c) Android Version
d) CPU Type

5) Battery Info :

a) Health
b) Level
c) Power Source
d) Status
e) Technology
f) Voltage
g) Temperature
h) Capacity

3) Fingerprint Biometric Record:

In-Display Fingerprint reader is a funny simulator used to trick your friends about their bio data. This app show each saved record for each person on attempt based for 10 peoples. This sensor doesn't do any thing like real time identification, It's just a fun and prank. Through setting you can save each person record like their Name, DOB, Gender, Designation, Blood Group, height etc. Astonish your best friends and show their bio data. Best prank app showing relevant data about users that already feed in.

4) Color Puzzle Game:

A mind swinger game to identify color of text rather its display name, Randomly change text and sort its color makes perception game. Calming and arranging game helps you relieve stress and also helps in improving your memory. Best game for workout brain. Tap text color name rather word .

Features :
1. Sounds:
on off.
2. Game Mode:
easy, medium, hard.
3. Themes:
3 different types of skins with gradient background color.
4. Play Types:
1. Time based
2. Three Try base with limited few seconds.
Top Creativity

Sparks creativity among employees, just need some workspace adjustment, seating arrangement, game-like things, brainstorming and diversity of backgrounds and experiences.